Lashing Q&A with a Master Lash Artist

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The eyelash extension industry is constantly changing, and that brings a lot of questions that need to be answered. Today we are tackling 5 questions we’ve been asked recently!

Do you have a question that wasn’t answered here today, or a follow up? We’ve got you covered! Ask your questions in the comments and we will get them next time!

A quick note on the ideal humidity and temperature: if you have about 45-65% humidity, you are within the ideal humidity range. 68-72° F is the ideal temperature for lashing. If you are within both of these windows, then your adhesive drop should last about 30 minutes on a jade stone.

Today’s Questions:

00:00 – How often should I replace the adhesive drop on my jade stone?
01:05 – Can I use classic tweezers with volume lashing?
01:22 – What is the best way to find the sweet spot on your tweezers?
01:57 – How can I better help my clients take care of their eyelash extensions?
02:39 – When doing a hybrid set, is is better to do classic lashes first?

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