Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, Intensity of Manual Techniques, Massage Therapist Becoming a PTA

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#103: On this episode of the #AskMikeReinold show we talk about cubital tunnel syndrome and ulnar neuropathy during overhead press and the front rack position, how intense our manual therapy should be, and should a massage therapist go back to PTA school. To subscribe and ask your questions, go to

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Welcome to the Ask Mike Reinold Show, where we answer your questions about physical therapy, fitness, strength and conditioning, sports performance, baseball, business, and career advice. Join myself, Lenny Macrina, and my team at Champion Physical Therapy and Performance in Boston, MA and learn how we help people feel better, move better, and perform better. Ask your questions at and follow us at @mikereinold, @lenmacpt, and @championptp.


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