Are cosmetologists training longer than EMTs? | The Fact Checker

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During a working lunch with governors President Trump said: “In many states, workers must pay thousands of dollars and complete months — and years, even — of training to enter fields such as real estate, tourism, and many others. For example — this surprised me — nationally, the average training for cosmetologists is 11 times longer than the training for emergency medical technicians” This is one of those claims that made our ears perk up. It’s strange, oddly specific and, if true, concerning — we’d hope the person responding to our 911 calls trained longer than our hair stylists. So, are the numbers correct? At first glance, yes. There is no national standard on occupational licensing, so laws vary by state, but on average, cosmetologists do train a little over 10 times as long as EMTs. But when we dug deeper, we learned that the comparison is misplaced – and that there’s a lot more to the debate about occupational licensing laws. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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