How to Make Extra Money as a Cosmetologist | A Complete Guide by DreamCatchers

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Becoming a hairstylist is a very exciting and diversified career choice and while it can give you a tremendous amount of artistic freedom, it does not always result in financial wellbeing. The average stylist in the United States earns between $40-50 thousand dollars a year which is an average of $4,000 a month.
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Studies show that one of the quickest money producers is to become proficient in and offer hair extensions in the salon. Surprisingly over 70% of cosmetologists do not offer this extra service. Stylist and salons that add extension services see an average increase of at least $23,000 per year, now giving you the stylist a MUCH more lucrative return on your investment. Therefore the objective of this report is to give you a detailed description of just how easy, enjoyable, and rewarding both financially and emotionally this arena can be.

As with any new technique, skill is going to take both practice and dedication and hair extensions are no exception. The beauty however is that, with today’s modern systems, they are relatively easy to become well versed in particularly if you have the right company providing the education.

DreamCatchers provides online education classes on Hair Extensions and you can get your certification by DreamCatchers when you complete it and get access to the worlds best hair extensions here:


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