How to Have a Profitable Fish Spa Business and what things to avoid from getting in Loss.

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This Fish Spa Business is profitable but then also people go into loss? Why? Just because they want cheap budget or people who fake to be professional give wrong guidance. We Deepa Aquarium is in Aquarium Business for 25 years + and in Fish Spa Business for 3 years + . My self Abhishek Acharekar had done Inland Fisheries degree and my own research is going in Fish Spa. Our fishes don’t die as they die in other setup it’s main reason. We are only company in India to eliminate hepatitis in Fish Spa. We have specified Fish Spa filtering system not Chinese. 7 different medicine. Two different food no need to purchase for 6 months. No need to purchase fish for 12 months. Warranty on electronic product. Do contact us on +919930051312 or +919029051312.
If any one want to start outside India then also welcome but make sure you have to take care of all our expenditure if out side India.


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